Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Vision for the Future

During the Project North Star kick-off meeting held on August 30th, Jimmy Briggs (COO of Clark Beverage Group) spoke about the Clark organization’s vision for the project. During his presentation to the group assembled, he spoke about why it is important that we take on this project and how it will positively impact our organization. Some of benefits he talked about were:

·         Reducing the risk associated with existing IT support

o   Today our systems operability relies on our IT department to maintain and keep updated.

o   In the future we will have the support of Microsoft and Rutherford to maintain our system.
·         Providing functionality not available with our current system

o   In the future we will be able to ask different things of our new system that we have not been able to focus enough  time on in our current system to get the same functionality.

o   The new system will offer live business information and has functionality that will significantly improve our efficiency.
·         Supports current and growing trends

o   In the future with our new software we will be even more competitive and challenging for the competition.

o   In the future with our new software we will require a more technology savvy workforce that will provide a competitive edge for our organization.
Jimmy encouraged everyone to take on this project and put our best efforts into implementing the new software, so that we can all gain from being a part of a more efficient organization. As with any change there will be some challenges, however as a group we will overcome the challenges and be stronger as a result.

 “To improve is to Change; to be perfect is to Change often.” - Winston Churchill


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