Monday, February 17, 2014

Power User Training - What to Expect

Throughout the course of this project we've used some mysterious terminology and references that may, or may not, make sense to everyone. Our current project status puts us in the "Power User" training portion of the timeline. We defined what a power user is in our terms and translations blog:

Power User A person that is a master and champion of the process they handle. The Power User knows their job, how it is done, why it is done, and can provide training to others related to their job. A Power User may be, but not limited to a manager, supervisor, etc.

When we talk about power user training we are talking about training "Power Users" to be the trainers for our future. 

Power User Training Phase 1: 
Through the month of February we will be sitting down with Power Users to first go through all of our current processes and make sure we know how we will complete these same processes in eoStar. This is a critical step that is somewhat of an extension of the "Discovery" sessions we completed months ago. These are more discussions with little hands-on training, with the ultimate result of outlining, in a draft form, our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Having just finished up Power User Training Phase 1, we are now ready to sit down with people from our Functional Work Groups (all Power Users) and begin to work through the drafted SOPs. This is an opportunity for us to make sure that our SOPs are in good working order, and also a great time to get more people hands on experience in eoStar.

Power User Training Phase 2: 
Beginning in March, Phase 2 of Power User Training will commence, and this is where our Power Users will engage with eoStar at a whole new level. Phase 2 is an intense Hands On training that will put our Computers, Sales tablets, Warehouse Handhelds, Delivery Handhelds, and Mobile Printers in the hands of our Power Users, so that they can make sure all of our processes are completely documented in our SOPs, and that they actually work, during everyday trials on the devices just as they will be done when we Go-Live in May. 

For most of us, the Power User training will not affect our daily work. Instead, our Managers and Supervisors will be learning all of our new processes and procedures so well that they can then train us during End User Training in April. While this is a lot of pressure for Power Users, they will be our first line of defense for questions and issues when we Go-Live with eoStar in May, as well as be the Trainers and Masters of eoStar for their departments long after Go-Live.

If you are a Power User, good luck and work hard! If you are an End User, get ready because your time to learn and master is coming soon...

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