Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Exciting Opportunity

There is a lot of learning going on right now, and so much more to come. Within the scope of this project many of you will go from a pen a paper to handheld computers. When this project is complete our Sales Teams will be totally connected by mobile computing devices, Warehouse Teams will receive, pick, and load product with new technology, Delivery Teams will compute on the go with handheld computers and mobile printers, and our Service Teams will monitor and manage equipment issues from a mobile computing device. Information will be live and available to everyone that needs it, when they need it.

What does all this mean for me as an employee? It means that I will receive a ton of great training, and have the opportunity to use the top technology in the industry, every day. I'll be smarter, more efficient, and get to look deeper into my job functions focusing on continually improving them, and ultimately being a part of making our organization a model for the industry.
I believe we should all be excited about the investment our company is making in our systems, tools for the job, and more importantly the investment in  our people. The skills we will acquire will make us a more knowledgeable and dynamic group of individuals, and we get it all by just coming to work with a desire to get better and be better. There is an exciting opportunity being offered to us all.

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