Friday, October 18, 2013

Discovery is Now Taking Place

What do you mean by “discovery”? Much like Christopher Columbus seeking out a shorter and more efficient trade route to India, many employees at Clark have been going through the process of “discovering” and understanding how our processes and procedures have gotten to where they are at today. While we likely won’t get lost and accidentally discover what will become one of the most powerful and prosperous continents in the history of the world, we have been “discovering” new and better ways of doing business.
Discovery at Clark is a two-way street. Representatives from the software companies must learn about our business – both how we do business today and how we intend to do business in the future. At the same time our organization must learn about the software’s capabilities and understand how it will be used to help us achieve our business goals..

If you are around our Oakland, KY location you may have seen “Discovery  in Progress” signs on the conference room door. The sign indicates that discovery sessions are taking place for the North Star Project. These sessions have been taking place since August 28th and will continue over the coming weeks. Once the discovery sessions are complete, the software will need to be configured to meet our specific needs. During the software configuration you will likely see “Configuration in Progress” signs on the conference room door. Both Discovery and Configuration are very important steps in the implementation of Project North Star.

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