Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Systems will be integrated?

Most of us do our job each day never really thinking about how what we do will impact how others will get their job done. With the implementation of our new finance and route accounting systems our thinking will change.
Our new finance and route accounting system will be a fully integrated system. That means that information and data is shared back and forth between work areas and departments. The data that is generated by you when you are doing your job will be shared immediately with others. That makes our system a very strong and powerful business tool but only if the information is accurate.
Let’s take a look at an example of how information will be shared each day.
1.      Delivery truck arrives and shipment is received into inventory – real-time at the dock.

2.      Salesperson out in the field checks inventory for on-hand quantity – sees inventory real-time, places order.

3.      Order appears in office in order processing – real-time from salesperson’s entry.

4.      Order is processed and product is picked in warehouse – inventory depleted in real-time.

5.      Driver delivers products and takes payments – electronically in hand-held.

6.      Driver returns and strips truck – undelivered product goes back to inventory real-time.

7.      Damaged goods identified – product written off real-time.

8.      Drive settles route – account status updated in real-time.
This is only a small part of what happens each day at Clark Companies, but hopefully it helps you to see how activity in one department immediately impacts others.
In an integrated system everyone’s role is very important. The way each of us completes our jobs will have a direct impact others around us and will be key to the success of our company and our customers.

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