Monday, October 21, 2013

Terms and Translations

You have likely heard a lot of different terms related to Project North Star, and this blog is here to help define everything. Below you will find some of the names and terms we'll be using, and an English translation of the same. Let us know if we missed anything...

Project North Star = Combined effort of The Coca-Cola Company and Independent Coke Bottlers to find, select, and implement a software platform that fits the needs of Coca-Cola system.

Rutherford & Associates = Software company selected by Coca-Cola for their eoStar Route Accounting Software, which includes all sales, delivery, warehouse, and inventory functions.

eoStar = This is the name of route accounting software that is offered by Rutherford and Associates. The software includes route accounting, warehouse management, production, mobility. This software is well known in the beer and soft drink industry.

GP (Microsoft Dynamics GP) = Microsoft Software package used for financial/accounting functions. It is also used to link to eoStar and push route accounting information to our financials.

BKD = Accounting/Consulting Firm that represents Microsoft Dynamics GP. BKD handles all discovery, configuration, and training for GP.

Discovery = The process of learning where the Software Companies and Clark Companies learn about each other and how to configure the software to provide the necessary solutions to meet our company goals.

Configuration = Process of Software Companies manually setting up the software to work the way we want it to work.

Go-Live = The date or time frame that we begin using the new software/hardware for daily operation.

Power User = A person that is a master and champion of the process they handle. The Power User knows their job, how it is done, why it is done, and can provide training to others related to their job. A Power User may be, but not limited to a manager, supervisor, etc.

Transitional Lead = A person that has been identified as a key resource and acts as the lead for communicating and training during software implementation. This is a person that has a good understanding and comfort level using current technology. This person can be at any level – not limited to managers or supervisors.

Project Manager (PM) = The individual responsible for the daily management and oversight of the Project North Star implementation. The Bottler PM will work in conjunction with the Rutherford PM and BKD PM to ensure the project is meeting all deadlines and progressing in accordance with the program’s objectives.

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