Friday, October 18, 2013

Project Progress Post

We've been making great progress with our project...but mostly behind the scenes. What you likely haven't seen is that there has been a massive amount of work being done for the last month and a half, and that we are about a month and a half from going live with our Financial Software, Microsoft GP. While this won't effect a large number of the people in our organization, I think it's important that everyone realize that we are making GREAT progress, and we are prepared to hit a major milestone in our project. It may not sound exciting, but I promise it is.

What many of you have seen is posters, tweets, and Facebook posts relating to the project, and how it will effect the rest of us. Our first real exposure to eoStar is beginning with Webinars (Internet based training seminars) which began a this week. As we progress through the webinar schedule over the next couple of months, many more of you will be asked to get involved, not only with the webinars, but also to start keeping up with your daily tasks. It's important that you be ready when called upon to answer questions about current processes and the good and less good, with those processes. Now is our time to keep up and speak up about our daily activity, so that our Managers can communicate that information in meetings to make sure we configure and use our new software and technology to best benefit us all...and don't worry, this is not just a "Managers" project. Every one of you will be involved in the training, implementation, and eventually be using this new technology everyday in the future.
Encourage those around you to follow our twitter and Facebook feeds/posts, and keep up with this blog. The more we all know about the project the better we'll be prepared when called upon to do our part.

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